Paul Strickland, MA - Licensed Psychologist/Individual Psychotherapy/Life and Work/Career Issues - St. Paul, MN
I have been a licensed psychologist for over fifteen years. In addition, I've worked as a career counselor for more than twenty. I specialize in the areas of life and work transitions, career development and change, and related challenges.

Most people seek counseling around the issue of change. Sometimes it's a desire to discover or move toward a specific or general destination. Or, it can be about dealing with unexpected changes that have occurred and now have to be dealt with. My goal is to respectfully assist the people I work with deal with those changes.

Individual Therapy
Each individual I meet with is facing unique challenges, often showing up in the form of depression, anxiety or just a feeling of being stuck, not yet seeing new possibilities. My approach is to collaborate on facing and moving through those challenges in a respectful way. Each conversation is different, but mindfulness of making progress and moving in a direction that gets you closer to a better place is a thread that runs through each session...
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Career Counseling
I work with individuals from young adults to mid-life professionals who are navigating career choice, career transition and career management challenges. For over twenty years I have assisted people in their efforts to discover how who they are will best fit in with the range of possibilities in the world of work, as well as in implementing successful career/job changes...
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